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Crystal Healing

How Crystals Work

Crystals bring the environment around them into balance. This is how crystals work in healing. They bring you and your cells into balance. There are two things that can go wrong with the human body. Either something external coming in from the outside, such as virus or toxin etc, or something internal such as emotions, thought patterns and mental health.

A crystal will correct the electrical balance of your cells, your cell with think it is normal and act accordingly.
Crystals have their own unique energies, which balance our own. They work on our energy system of meridans, chakras and our aura. It is through these energy pathway centres that crystal healing takes effect. Crytals affect change. They will improve your physical and mental health, your emotional wellbeing and your spiritual advancement. Crystals speed things up.


A Crystal Treatment

During the treatment you will lay on a couch and crystals will be placed on certain areas of the body. These crystals will be specially chosen for you, as I tune in beforehand and ask which ones you need. By the application of laying on of stones, the motion of crystals to focus energy, it is possible to effect changes on the body, mind and spirit and emotions for the benefit of health. This can create positive changes in your life.
This treatment will take you into a deep state of relaxation, crystals focus and channel energy, some people do feel an energy shift whilst being treated with crystals.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy contained within the body. When these are out of balance we can slow down, feel sluggish, emotional and tried. We can find it hard to shift an illness and have no energy, but not sure why.

A peaceful, non-invasive, uplifitng treatment.

Crystal Party

Why not hold a Crystal Party for a group of friends?
Receive a mini treatment each, to relax or revive.

Crystal Workshop

Learn about Crystals & their properites - see Calendar for dates.

Or request one in your area.

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